Are you currently utilizing a VPN?
If you are receiving a "Oops, too many login attempts. Please try again later" error message when signing in, this is likely related to a VPN issue. When this happens a rate limit error is being triggered, not because you have reached your limit, but because the VPN’s IPs have a lot of usage from various users. In order to resolve this we would recommend switching VPN IP addresses/endpoints if possible, or switch VPNs, or turn off the VPN.


Are you utilizing the correct, primary email?
You may have added and verified multiple email addresses to your account. However, the primary email address is the only email that can be utilized to log in. For free, basic, and premium plans, you will have one user seat available. For managed plans, please contact your account manager for additional user seats.

To change the primary email address, please check out our guide.


Are you using the correct password?
Please insure you are entering the correct password when signing in. If you need to reset your password, you can request a reset link via the login page. This link will be valid for 30 minutes, after which you will need to request a new link.

Note, the reset link will be sent only to the primary email address on the account.